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    Your child is unique and deserves the best start possible. At TCH Montessori, we are dedicated to raising the standard of early learning in Canada and providing the finest in developmental curriculum.

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The Children's House Montessori

Welcome to The Children’s House Montessori Lakeshore, proudly owned and operated by BrightPath Early Learning & Child Care. Lakeshore Montessori is located in the heart of Tecumseh, close to shopping areas and local parks. We are a growing community catering to families with young children. The Children’s House Montessori Lakeshore offers Infant, Toddler and CASA programs for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age with Before and After School programs for children up to 10 years of age. We offer large, private, age-specific playgrounds with shaded areas and secured entry with proxy key access. Yoga, Music and Mandarin classes are offered for all age groups as well as Recreational Programs.

At The Children’s House Montessori Lakeshore we assist the children through the adventure of learning independently and provide assistance only when needed. “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed” – Maria Montessori. When starting in our Bambini program we will provide the children with simple self-help skills such as self-soothing, independent feeding, fine and gross motor all while ensuring they receive love and affection from their care providers. As the children enter into our Toddler program we encourage and help them learn the work cycle, and how to complete a task. We also introduce the concept of shapes, sizes, colours and continue to help them learn independently. While in our CASA program our children begin the process of writing, reading and self-expression. We provide them with the same five areas of the classroom you will see in our toddler program; math, language, cultural, sensorial and practical life with an open-ended art shelf available during the day.

Our instructors here at The Children’s House Montessori are trained to help assist a child in their learning adventure through providing a warm and caring atmosphere for all children. All staff members are observant, thoughtful, respectful, committed and very well trained in the field of Early Childhood Education. Each of our Bambini and Toddler classrooms contain a certified E.C.E. and NAMC staff while our CASA and Kinder CASA programs contain an AMS certified members.

We offer all of our families the option of receiving a daily email report through BrightPath Connect which includes updates on meals, snacks, sleep, toileting, activities and learning. This can also be added as an app to your smartphone for your convenience.