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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Montessori?

The philosophy which guides everything we do in Montessori is to follow the child. It is applied to every child’s education. Children learn at different paces and have different interests which is why an important part of the Montessori approach is the one-on-one relationship between the child and their directress. By observing and engaging, the directress knows how they are advancing. This way, the directress knows when it is time to move them up to a more challenging exercise. The other key factor in Montessori education is the meticulously designed, extensive series of exercises. Each exercise is part of a carefully planned progression, mastering one skill that is an essential ingredient of a more complicated skill. The philosophy is the result of ongoing research into the best ways of helping children learn.

What makes The Children’s House Montessori unique?

Our progressive Montessori Curriculum is complemented with an emergent curriculum. Through daily observations, the instructors plan activities that build on the children’s interests and needs, both in the inside and outside learning environments.

Why should I choose Montessori over more traditional schooling methods?

There is no right way to answer a question such as this. We always recommend to all our new parents to make sure they do their research on a variety of teaching philosophies to see what one best suits their goals for their child’s future. However we can answer why we have chosen Montessori, and that is because the philosophy facilitates a natural love for learning. It is patient, it works from concrete to abstract, it focuses on the whole child, and it follows that child’s individual growth.

Are you open year round?

Yes, we run a year round program and also offer programs during the months of July-August for school age children. Your child does not need to be a student to register for our summer camps. During the summer months, we complement our Montessori program with our Discovery Zone Summer Program.

What are your operating hours?

We are open from 6:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.

What are the staff-child ratios?

For Bambini, the ratio is 1:3, for Toddlers, the ratio is 1:5 and Casa the ratio is 1:8.

What do I need to provide for my child?

A supply list for each age group can be found on our “Downloads” page. Along with diapers and wipes for children not yet toilet trained, and baby formula and pureed foods for infants not able to follow our menu, children will need a spare change of clothing, indoor and outdoor shoes, appropriate outdoor clothing, a blanket for naptime, and any comfort items they use for nap.

What is the daily schedule at your school?

The specific daily routine is different for each classroom. In the Bambini (infant) program, we strive to follow the schedule you have arranged for your child at home. In the toddler and casa classrooms, the children are on a single shared schedule that includes periods for work time, meals, nap, and extra-curricular activities such as language lessons and music. Each room’s specific schedule is posted outside of the classroom and you can speak to the classroom instructor for more information.

How do the children sleep?

The Bambini children have a separate sleep room with individual cribs and follow their own schedule in regards to naps. Older infants transitioning to toddlers are gently guided onto the toddler schedule of a nap after lunch. The toddler and Casa children sleep in their classroom on their designated cot. If your child does not sleep, they may lay quietly reading books or doing puzzles.

How often do the children play outdoors?

At The Children’s House, we love to explore the outdoors! Weather permitting, the children spend at least 2 hours a day outside exploring the outdoor learning environment. If the children cannot go outside on any given day, the instructors have a planned Gross motor program to ensure the children still receive plenty of physical activity.

Will I receive a report card for my child?

Yes, report cards are provided to the parents twice each school year. The first is in December and the second in June.

How are the instructors trained/certified?

The staff at The Children’s House Montessori are trained early childhood educators with either their RECE, Montessori Diploma or Bachelor of Education. Every staff member is certified in Standard First Aid and Level C CPR, and also has a clear criminal reference check including vulnerable sector screening.

Why The Children’s House Montessori?

The Children’s House Montessori is known for its well-established reputation in the community. We pride ourselves on being a home away from home for the children and our parents know that their children love coming to school! Our program is very different from most schools in that we have a progressive Montessori curriculum, but we also have a creative emergent program. Every instructor at The Children’s House Montessori truly loves what they do and it is evident every day in their work ethic and relationships with the children.